Why does my HUAWEI phone’s screen go black when I use certain third-party apps?

  • Having too many apps running at the same time may cause a black screen. You may use Phone Manager to clean and speed up your phone, and close unnecessary apps that are running in the background.


  • Please clean up the app’s data and uninstall the app. Then download the app from an official channel, reinstall it and try again.


  • Please back up important data, restore your phone to factory settings and try again.

    If the issue persists, it might be because the app is incompatible with Android 6.0. Please wait for an updated version of the third-party app, or replace it another similar app.

Why are applications slow to start on HUAWEI Moblie Phone?

  • First compare the application on different brands of phones. If the application is slow on other phones as well, then the slow start may be caused by an issue with the application itself.
  • If the application is not protected, when the phone screen is turned off then the application will be cleaned in order to save power. This leads to a slow load the next time it is used and therefore a slow start. To address this:

    Enter Phone Manager and touch xx% remaining > Protected apps . Turn on the application in question and set the application to continue running in the background when the screen is turned off.


Why does Voice wakeup not work Using HUAWEI P9 Phone?

If Voice wakeup doesn’t work on your phone, or your phone fails to recognize your voice or cannot recognize it correctly, please follow the instructions below:

  • Say the wakeup keyword at a distance of less than 2 meters from your phone in a quiet environment. Make sure the volume of your voice should be loud enough. Pause for a while after saying the wakeup keyword. If the phone fails to recognize the keyword at the first time, wait for the phone to finish detecting wakeup keywords before you try again. Please do not use a headset for this function.
  • The Voice wakeup function requires you to say both the wakeup keyword and instruction.For instance, if you have selected the default wakeup keyword “Okay emy”, saying “Okay emy” will wake up your screen. Only after you have given your instruction will the phone execute your command.To make a call to Jane, you need to say “Okay emy, call XX.”
  • To find your phone, you need to say “Okay emy, where are you?”