Why can’t I connect my Bluetooth device to my HUAWEI P9 phone?

  • If your HUAWEI phone can find Bluetooth devices (headsets, Bluetooth car kits, or speakers), but cannot connect to them:

    Please touch Search to search again, and then try connecting again. If the problem persists, try to search for other Bluetooth devices and see if they can be connected. If not, please take the receipt issued with your phone to an authorized Huawei service center for repair.

  • If your phone shows an alert that it cannot connect to the other phone when you try to send a file:

    Please check if the other phone supports receiving files via Bluetooth, and if it supports receiving the specific file type.

  • If your phone can’t find other phones:

    Please confirm that the Bluetooth function is enabled on the other phones and that they are set to be searchable.

  • If your phone can’t find Bluetooth devices (headsets, Bluetooth car kits, or speakers):
    • Please check that the Bluetooth devices have enough battery power, are within 10 meters of the phone, and that there is nothing blocking them and no interference.
    • Please check that the Bluetooth devices are not connected to another phone.
    • Please confirm that the Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth car kit and speaker are in searchable mode. Usually Bluetooth devices only turn on searchable mode automatically when you first use them. After that, searchable mode is turned off by default to save power, and users need to turn it on manually to make the device searchable.

You may need to turn on searchable mode in a different way on different Bluetooth devices. Please refer to the device manual or search the Internet for more information.

  • Restart the Bluetooth devices and Bluetooth on your HUAWEI P9 phone, and then try connecting them again.

Why is the Internet so slow when I am using mobile data on HUAWEI P9 Phone?

The issue may be caused by any of the following:

  • In theory, 4G network is faster than 3G, which is faster than 2G. So please find out which network your phone is using. Also, the network speed varies with different network carriers.
  • The speed can be affected by the environment your phone is in. If your phone is in an environment with poor network reception, for example in a high-speed train or other closed environment, the Internet may be slow. Please test another phone in the same environment and on the same network type to see if the Internet speed is normal.
  • If the web page you are trying to visit has a lot of content, it will take more time to load.
  • The server of the website you are trying to visit may not be working properly.
  • If your phone is in power saving mode, you may find that the network speed is low.

You may optimize this using the following measures:

  • Touch Phone manager and select an appropriate power saving mode.
  • Check for apps using data in the background and close them.
  • Close and restart the app that is experiencing slow Internet, or reinstall the app.
  • Turn off mobile data, and then turn it on again. Enable airplane mode, and then disable it.
  • Touch Settings > More > Mobile network > Access Point Names > Menu > Reset to default to reset your phone to default APN settings.
  • Restart your phone or update it to the latest system version.

Are 4G phones more data-intensive than 3G phones?

This is a misunderstanding.

Downloading from a 4G network is faster than 3G/2G network, but faster downloads do not necessarily mean faster use of data. How much data is used depends on the user and is not affected by the network or phone.

However, data is transmitted more quickly across 4G networks. If the phone is used in the wrong way then it will use data very quickly. We recommend turning off mobile data services when you do not require mobile network access.

Why are the photos I take with the front camera a mirror image of the photo in the preview?

There is a mirror reflection option in the capture settings for the front camera. If this setting is turned off, photos will not be a mirror image. The photos will be in line with the actual orientation of the subject’s body, and a mirror image of the capture preview.

If you want to want to save a photo that looks the same as the HUAWEI P9 photo in the capture preview, you must first switch to mirror reflection mode for the front camera, then swipe left to reveal the settings screen and turn on Mirror reflection .

What can I do if I can’t register fingerprints Using HUAWEI P9 Phone?

When registering your fingerprint, do not move your finger. Wait for the image to successfully register before you change the angle.

Keep your finger clean and dry.

Use a soft cloth or cotton swab dipped in water to wipe the surface of the fingerprint sensor. Dust or other stains may have been attached to the surface of the fingerprint sensor after prolonged periods of use, affecting fingerprint registration.

Register your fingerprint with the gesture you most often use, and register as many areas of your fingerprint as possible. Avoid registering the same area of your fingerprint, so that the registered fingerprint image is consistent with that read by your phone when you press your finger against the fingerprint sensor.

While you are registering your fingerprint, the system will keep reminding you to register both the center and edges of your fingerprint, and will ask you to keep registering if the images are unqualified. This is to help you register a larger fingerprint area so that it will be easier to unlock your phone using your fingerprint.

Do not move your finger when registering your fingerprint. Otherwise, the fingerprint image collected may be blurred, affecting fingerprint registration and the identification speed when you try to unlock your phone with your fingerprint.

Why does my HUAWEI P9 phone automatically make a call?

Check whether Quick calling is enabled on your phone.If so, disable it. If Quick calling is enabled, when you press and hold the volume down button with the screen turned off, your phone will play a notification sound. Then, your phone will call the contact that you said. To disable Quick calling ,

go to Settings > Smart assistance > Voice control > Quick calling .

Check whether any third-party application has issues, for example, an application is modified and embedded with malicious code, or contains a virus. Use Phone Manager to remove the virus. If the problem persists, back up important data and restore factory settings on your phone.

Check whether the touchscreen has issues and automatically makes calls. It is recommended that you take your phone and the purchase invoice to an authorized Huawei service center for a system check.