About HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9 Sound settings

Change the incoming call and message ringtones or set the system alert sound and vibration effects.

Go to Settings and then touch Sound. You can configure the following settings:

  • Volume: Adjust the ringtone, media, alarm, and call volume.
  • Silent mode: Once enabled, your HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9 will not ring when you receive an incoming call or message, but the screen will still turn on. If you have also enabled Vibrate in silent mode, your phone will vibrate to alert you of incoming calls and messages.

HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9 Sound settings


You can also enable or disable these features in the shortcuts tab. Touch to switch between Sound, Vibration, and Silent.

  • Select a ringtone under Call ringtone & vibration to change the ringtone. You can choose from preset ringtones or a local music file. Turn on the switch to enable vibrations when your phone rings.
  • Default notification tone: Choose a preset ringtone or a local music file as the notification tone for messages, emails, and other notifications.
  • When using your phone to listen to music or watch videos, insert a headset and enable Headset DTS mode for a stunning DTS multichannel surround sound experience.
  • Touch the switches under System to enable or disable dial pad touch tones, touch sounds, screen lock sounds, screenshot tones, power on or off tones, and haptic feedback.


The above options may not be available on all phone models.

11 thoughts on “About HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9 Sound settings

  1. dear sir,
    I have recently brought a mobile Huawei p9 plus from Kuwait
    but the ringer volumeis very high I am trying to reduce but not possible.
    When ever call comes the volume is too high even when you keep it on minimum
    kindly help I above mentioned concern

    1. I have the same problem. I have just received this model and the phone is ringing veeery loud even if the volume is set on minimum.
      What is the problem? How can I resolv it? Pls help me with an answer as this problem is very annoying.
      Thank you,

    1. Did you ever solve this problem? Got the phone to ring but can’t get the message notifications out of silent.

  2. I am having Huawei P9 Plus, I am facing same problem like other users, when ever I reduce the media and call sounds, it will automatically set to the maximum volume whenever I receive a notification. It is frustrating me and I am going to change it if I can not find a solution.

  3. There is no volume adjustment for notifications on e mails, sms’s, whats app etc. It is always on full volume. Very irritating in the middle of the night.

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  5. How come that when i connect my plantronic voyager edge without media ticked on in Bluetooth my personal ringtone is okey, but when media is ticked on the ringtone is not, and not even default but an awfull tone

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