Getting to know your home screen on HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9

Your HUAWEI P9 home screens are where you can find your favorite widgets and all your applications. The application list has been removed to give you a more convenient and direct path to your applications.

home screen1

Virtual navigation bar keys:

Back: Touch to return to the previous screen or close an application. When entering text,touch to close the onscreen keyboard.
Home: Touch to return to the home screen.
Recent: Touch to access the list of recently used applications, or touch and hold to enable dual windows mode.

Switching between home screens

Swipe left or right to view the extended home screens. Touch Home to return to the default home screen.

home screen2

On the home screen, pinch two fingers together or touch and hold a blank area on the screen to access the home screen editor. You can:

• Set the default home screen: Touch at the top of the home screen to set the chosen
home screen as the default home screen.
• Move a home screen: Drag the home screen to the desired location.
• Add a home screen: Touch on the home screen furthest to the left or right.
• Delete a blank home screen: Touch at the bottom of a blank screen.

Automatic screen rotation

When you rotate your phone, some applications will automatically adjust the screen orientation to make them easier to use. This feature also lets you use tilt-controlled applications.

Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel, and then touch Auto-rotate in the Shortcuts tab to enable or disable automatic screen rotation.

home screen3

Organizing applications and widgets on the home screen

Adding a widget to the home screen

Add frequently used widgets to the home screen for quick access.

On the home screen, pinch two fingers together to open the home screen editor. Touch Widgets and select a widget. Touch and hold the widget and drag it to a blank area on the home screen.

Notes:You must have enough space on the home screen to add widgets. If there is not enough space, add another home screen or free up some space.

home screen4

Moving a widget or icon

On the home screen, touch and hold an application icon or widget until your HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9 vibrates. You can then drag the application icon or widget to the desired location.

home screen5

Creating a folder

Create home screen folders to organize your applications by type. For example, you can create a Games folder that contains all of your game applications.

On the home screen, drag an icon on top of another icon to create a folder containing both applications. To rename the folder, open the folder, and then touch the folder name.

home screen6

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  1. How do you get the 4 docked buttons (bottom of the homescreen) to have labels below the icon?
    All the other icons have labels but not the docked.

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