How to Configuring Airplane mode Using HUAWEI P9 Phone

Wireless devices may interfere with an airplane’s flight system. Power off your phone or switch to airplane mode when you are on a flight.

After you enable airplane mode, all of your phone’s network features will be disabled. You will not be able to make or receive calls, or use mobile data, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. However, you will still be able to play music, watch videos, and use applications that do not require an Internet connection.


Use one of the following methods to enable or disable airplane mode:

  • Swipe down from the status bar to open the notification panel. In the Shortcuts tab, turn on the Airplane mode switch.
  • Press and hold the power button, and then touch Airplane mode.
  • Open Settings, and then turn on the Airplane mode switch.


When airplane mode is on, is displayed in the status bar.

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