How to Configuring the display settings Using HUAWEI P9 Phone

Configure the display settings to personalize your HUAWEI P9 Phone. For example, you can change the wallpaper, font size, and screen-off time.

display settings Using HUAWEI P9 Phone

Go to Settings and then touch Display. You can configure the following settings:

  • Color temperature: Adjust the color temperature for images displayed on your phone. Select a warmer color temperature for a softer look and a cooler color temperature for a sharper image. Clear the Default check box to manually adjust the color temperature.
  • Wallpaper: Set the lock screen and home screen wallpapers. For more information, see Themes and wallpapers.
  • Font size: Set the font size.
  • Daydream: When this feature is enabled and you have configured Picture source and Duration, your phone will automatically display images when it’s being charged and the screen is locked.
  • Indicator light: The status indicator will blink when you receive incoming calls, messages, or other notifications.
  • Brightness: Your phone will automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the ambient brightness. Clear the Automatic brightness check box to manually adjust the brightness.
  • Sleep: The screen will lock automatically after a period of inactivity to reduce power consumption. Select Sleep to adjust the screen-off time or disable the automatic screen lock feature.
  • Auto-rotate screen: If this option is enabled, your screen’s orientation will switch automatically depending on how you hold your phone when performing certain operations, such as browsing a web page, viewing a picture, or writing a message.
  • Wireless display: Stream the content on your phone to other screens over Wi-Fi.

NOTE:The above options may not be available on all phone models.

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  1. Hi there. Im facing a problem to adjust the duration of screen timeout on my huawei p9 plus. Its unclickable. Even i have done the dveloper option, Can u help me to solve this?

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