How to Locking and unlocking the screen Using the HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9?

Locking the screen on HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9

• Press the power button to manually lock the screen.

• The screen will lock automatically and enter sleep mode after it has been idle for a certain period to reduce power consumption and prevent unintended operations.

To change the screen sleep time, open Settings, touch Display > Sleep, and then select a time.

Your phone will continue to receive messages, notifications, and incoming calls when the screen is locked. The status indicator will flash green when you receive new notifications. When you receive an incoming call, the screen will turn on and display the caller information.

Unlocking the screen on HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9

When the screen is off, press the power button to wake the screen. Slide your finger in any direction to unlock the screen.

Locking and unlocking the screen1

Magazine Unlock

Use Magazine Unlock to create your own selection of lock screen images and bring your lock screen to life.

Swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen to display the Magazine Unlock options.

Locking and unlocking the screen2

Add magazines to the viewing list: Touch > Subscriptions to add your favorite magazines to the viewing list.

Updating your Magazine Unlock covers requires an Internet connection. Set your phone to update over Wi-Fi to avoid excessive data usage. Touch , and then turn on the Autoupdate over WLAN switch.

Manage Magazine Unlock covers: Touch , and then touch . Select the desired images to add them to the viewing list. To delete covers from the viewing list, touch , and then touch and hold the desired image and select Remove.

Add covers to favorites: Touch to add the current cover to your favorites. Images that have been added to your favorites will not be deleted from the viewing list after an online update.

Delete old covers: Touch , and then turn on the Auto-delete older covers switch. Covers older than 3 months will be automatically deleted from the viewing list. Covers in your favorites will not be deleted.

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  1. How can I turn on the screen to see the time and notifications without using the power button? I would like to do it touching the screen like other phones so that I dont actually need to pick it up from the table to unlock it. Could anybody help me?

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