How to Using the floating dock on HUAWEI P9 Phone?

The floating dock gives you access to a number of frequently-used options and features, such as the back key, home key, and one-touch optimization. You can move the floating dock around the screen for easy one-hand use.

HUAWEI P9 Phone Open Settings. Touch Smart assistance > Floating dock and then turn on the Floating dock switch.

Once enabled, the floating dock button () will be shown on all screens except the lock screen and notification panel. Touch to expand the floating dock menu.


Drag the floating dock to the desired location.

From the expanded menu, you can:

  • Touch to return to the previous screen or exit the current application.
  • Touch to return to the home screen.
  • Touch to display the list of recently used applications.
  • Touch to lock the screen.
  • Touch to clean up the HUAWEI P9 memory and close power-intensive applications running in the background.
  • Touch to collapse the menu.

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