What to do if can’t power on the HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9 normally?

● Make sure your HUAWEI Mobile Phone P9 is fully charged. When your phone is completely out of power, you may not be able to power on your phone when you first plug in the charger. Please let your phone charge for a short time and then try powering on your phone.

HUAWEI Mobile P9 Phone Initial setup power

● Press and hold the power button for more than 10 seconds to forcibly restart your HUAWEI phone.

● If your phone can be powered on, back up important data and restore the factory settings or update your phone to the latest version.

● If your phone cannot be powered on, forcibly update your phone to the latest version and restart it.


● Before updating, please make sure your phone is fully charged or the update may fail.

● Due to the fact that your phone will not power on, a forcible update may result in the loss of your data. Please make sure your phone has no important data on it or that you have already backed up your data in advance.

● If the problem persists, please take the receipt issued with your phone to an authorized Huawei service center for repair.

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