Why is HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone so slow?

If you think your HUAWEI P9 Phone is slow,see following article:

● Check whether the slowness is caused by overheating. Your phone has Huawei’s unique overheat protection design installed. When it gets hot, the mechanism will limit the phone’s performance.

HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone

● It is recommended that you change the Power plan under Phone Manager to Performance when you play games or watch videos.

● Check whether your battery is low. When the power is low, performance is limited to lengthen battery life and protect the phone. Please recharge your phone.

● Check whether any applications are downloading or copying in the background, which may be putting an extra load on your phone. If so, it is recommended that you close any applications that are running in the background.

● Check whether you have installed any third-party applications through unofficial channels. If so, it is recommended that you uninstall them and download applications from official channels.

● Please make sure there is enough storage space on your phone and microSD card. It is recommended that you use Phone Manager to clear the storage space on a regular basis.

● Check whether you are using a poor quality or slow microSD card. It is recommended that you purchase high speed microSD cards from official channels.

● Check whether applications have slowed down due to network connection issues. Make sure the network connection is normal.

● If your phone has not been powered off for a long time, the cache may be increased. It is recommended that you restart your phone to clear the cache.

● If your phone has a protective film attached, check whether the film is too thick, making the screen less responsive. Replace or remove film and try again.

● If the problem persists, please back up important data and take the receipt issued with your phone to an authorized Huawei service center for repair.

13 thoughts on “Why is HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone so slow?

  1. My p9 is brand new. It replaced my old s3/lte which fell into water. Yet the p9 Internet performance and apps are slower than the performance of my old S3. Seems to me that there is a design bug that I’m afraid can be fixed unless new firmware will be available. Currently I do not recommend using this phone.

  2. I Have Encountered The Same Probably Phone Is Super Slow I Want To See If It’s Some Firmware I Can Download For It Because This Phone Is Wayyyy To Slow I Mean It Blacks Out On Me And Some More

  3. AWARE these FAKE posts – the P9 is not slow at all !
    How much did SAMSUNG pay for this rubbish comments ?

  4. P9 is slow! Lags badly when playing the simplest game, For that price it is damn disappointing.. . Will not buy any more Huawei product .

  5. It has become much slower, especially since EMUI5 and the new Android Nougat release. I don’t know what did they do with the firmware, but my phone freezes very often. The phone itself looks great and I like it, but the performance and the freezes are driving me nuts… and way to go Huawei, I’ve got the EMUI5 and Android Nougat, no updates since then. I don’t think I will ever buy a Huawei phone again.

  6. My huawei is a completely shit, it just blacks out, switching between apps takes around 5 seconds sommetimes, and apps like instagram and things just close by them self every 5 minutes , I will sell this thrash and go back to samsung,

  7. Glad it’s not just me! Had my p9 lite for less than a year and all of a sudden it started running like a dog. It’s driving me crazy. Crashing apps and freezing all the time. Constantly closing all background apps, restarting and running storage clean up but it doesn’t help. Any suggestions how to fix???

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