How to Transferring Data Using HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone?

1.Using the Backup application to transfer data

Use the Backup application to transfer data from your old phone to your new HUAWEI P9 Phone.Features may vary depending on your carrier.

How to Transferring Data Using HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone

Backing up data to a microSD card

You can back up data on your old phone to a microSD card. For more information on inserting or removing a microSD card, see Inserting a SIM card and microSD card.

Date that can be backed up: contacts, messages, call log, photos, audio, videos, files, and applications.

1. Open Backup.
2. Touch Backup > SD card > Next.
3. Select the data you want to back up. No backup password is required if you back up photos,audio, videos, and documents. To back up other types of data, follow the onscreen instructions to set a backup password.
4. Touch Back up.

How to Transferring Data Using HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone2

Restoring data from a microSD card

1. Insert the microSD card containing the backup files into your new phone.
2. Open Backup.
3. Touch Restore > Restore from SD card > Next.
4. Select the backup you want to restore.If the backup data is encrypted, enter the encryption password when prompted.
5. Select the data you want to restore, and then touch Start restoration.

How to Transferring Data Using HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone3

2.Transferring data between your phone and a computer

Transfer the data on your old phone to your computer, and then transfer it to your new phone HUAWEI P9.

Connect your phone to a computer using a USB cable. Select Photos or Files. Your computer will automatically install any necessary drivers. Once installed, double-click on the new disk drive to manage files. The drive name should be your phone’s model number.

• Photos: View photos that are stored on your HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone.
• Files: Transfer files between your phone and a computer.
• If no connection type is specified, your phone will remain in charging mode.

Copying contacts from an old phone to a new phone

Use any of the following methods to copy contacts from your old phone to your new phone.

SIM card:Use the SIM import feature to copy SIM card contacts to your new phone.

Storage device:If both phones have a microSD slot, export your contacts to a microSD card in vCard format on the old phone, and then copy the contacts to the new phone.

Bluetooth:Enable Bluetooth on both your old and new phones, and import your contacts using Bluetooth.

Backup:If your old phone supports Backup, back up your contacts, and restore them to your new phone.

Computer:Sync contacts on your old phone to a computer, and then sync these to a new phone using a phone management application (such as HiSuite).

Other methods:

•Install social networking applications and synchronize your contacts.
•Log in to your Exchange account and synchronize your contacts.

What can I do if the volume and power buttons aren’t working Using HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone

If the HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone volume and power buttons aren’t working,try the following method:

  • Press and hold the power button until your phone vibrates to forcibly restart it.
  • If your phone does not respond when you press the power button or volume buttons, we recommend that you first check whether you have installed a third-party screen locking application. Try going to a different screen and check whether the phone responds to the power button. If the problem is caused by a third-party application, normally the options menu will only fail to appear on certain screens, but will appear like normal at other times.
  • Forcibly update your phone.


  • Before updating, please make sure your phone is fully charged or the update may fail.
  • A forcible update will result in the loss of your data. Please make sure your phone has no important data on it or that you have already backed up your data in advance.
  • If the problem persists, please back up important data and take the receipt issued with your phone to an authorized Huawei service center for repair.

HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone Unboxing and Inserting a SIM card

1.Getting to know your HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone

HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone Unboxing1

Do not cover the light sensor, as this will affect some of the phone’s functions. Ensure that you use a screen protector that has a purpose-built hole for the light sensor. to Inserting a SIM card and microSD card using HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone

Your phone’s 2-in-1 card slot is located on the upper left side of the phone. You can insert 2 nano-SIM cards, or 1 nano-SIM card and 1 microSD card.


• Your phone only supports nano-SIM cards. Contact your carrier for a new or replacement nano-SIM card.
• Only use standard nano-SIM cards to avoid damaging the SIM card tray.
• Ensure that the card is in the correct position and keep the card tray level when inserting it into your phone.
• Be careful not to hurt yourself or damage your phone when using the SIM eject pin.
• Store the SIM eject pin out of the reach of children to prevent accidental swallowing or injury.

  1. Press and hold the power button, and then select to turn off your phone.
  2.  To remove the card tray, insert the SIM eject PIN included with your phone into the small hole next to the card tray.
  3. HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone Unboxing2
  4. Insert a SIM card or microSD card into the card tray.
  5. Insert the card tray back into your phone in the correct orientation.

3.How to Charging your HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone

Your phone comes with a long-lasting battery and efficient power-saving technology. This section outlines how to care for your battery in order to maximize its lifespan.

Using your battery

• You can recharge your battery many times, but all batteries have a limited lifespan. If you notice a significant deterioration in your phone’s battery life, contact an authorized Huawei service center for a replacement battery. The battery is built into the phone and is not removable. Do not attempt to remove the battery yourself.

• Your phone may become warm after prolonged use or when exposed to high ambient temperatures. This is entirely normal. If your phone becomes hot to the touch, stop charging it and disable unnecessary features. Place your phone in a cool location and allow it to cool down to room temperature. Avoid prolonged contact with the surface of your phone if it becomes hot.

• When charging your phone, only use genuine Huawei batteries, chargers, and USB cables.Third-party accessories are a potential safety hazard and may impair your phone’s performance.Avoid using your phone when it is charging. Do not cover your phone or the power adapter.

• Charging times may vary depending on the ambient temperature and the remaining batterylevel.

• A low battery warning will be displayed when the battery level is low.

• Your phone will switch off automatically when the battery is nearly empty.

Visit the official Huawei website and download the user guide for your device for information on how to care for your battery.

4.How to Turning your HUAWEI P9 Mobile Phone on and off

• To turn on your phone, press and hold the power button until your phone vibrates and the screen turns on.

• To turn off your phone, press and hold the power button, and then touch .

If your phone does not respond after holding down the power button for 20 seconds, the battery may be empty. If so, connect your phone to a charger to charge the battery.

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